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Trademark Registration

What is a Trademark?

The world of trademark law is a sea of grey areas, with few people that really know what trademarks are all about. Get to know this mystical industry by taking a look at the trademark information we’ve sourced for you below:

Benefits Of Registering Trademarks

A registered trademark is applicable across South Africa. Regardless of where you are based, and how far away a copycat is, you retain sole rights to the trademark.

Since a trademark is an asset that you own, you’re also able to sell the trademark for whatever reason and at a price you can determine.

Trademarks that are registered become the property of the company or person registering them. Registration of a trademark is proof of ownership

Our Trade Mark services include

  • Providing strategic brand creation and development advice
  • Conducting Trade Mark availability searches and providing strategic related advice
  • Filing of Trade Mark applications
  • Prosecution of Trade Mark applications to registration
  • Trade Mark renewals
  • All Trade Mark related records including assignments, mergers, registered users, and changes in proprietor details
  • Providing strategic Trade Mark licensing advice
  • Trade Mark portfolio management
  • Trade Mark oppositions
  • Company name objections
  • Trade Mark infringement advice and assistance
  • Cancellation / expungement proceedings

What does it cost?

Our service fees are highly competitive, especially when registering multiple trademarks. We have three service packages to choose from:

Database Search

The logo, word, or slogan you’re trying to register might already be owned. This is why we recommend starting the process with a CIPC database search.


Trademark Registration

Our legal team will send trademark applications for every word, slogan, and logo that you’re hoping to trademark to the Registrar of Trademarks at the CIPC.


Complete Solution

Get covered from end to end and save time with our most popular trademark registration option. Includes database searches and trademark registration.


Recently registered trademarks

Why work with us?

When you choose to register your trademark through us, you’ll realise just how easy the process really can be!

Affordable pricing

Our database searching and trademark registration services are affordable and highly competitive. This makes us a popular choice for businesses registering multiple trademarks at once.

Free quote & consult

With every inquiry for our trademark registration services comes a completely free quotation, and an in-depth trademark consultation with our expert trademark legal team.

Super fast service

When it comes to trademark registration, you don’t want to hear that it’ll be done now now or just now. Once we’ve got your message, we start tackling your application immediately.

Expert advice

If you’d prefer to trust your trademarks with experts in the field, you’re in luck. Our TM Registrations trademark team have nearly 20 years of experience registering trademarks in South Africa.

What Our Clients Say

Absolute Website Designers (Pty) Ltd is a company that really knows their work, thought that I was going to wait a long run but everything was done in a week, now I have my own company and I'm so happy, thank you Absolute Website Designers (Pty) Ltd
chris timoty
5-star rating
I've always heard many complaints concerning how annoying the registration process is, going to from place to the next. However I just loved how easy and seamless this process has been; everything located in one space and my questions answered promptly. I'd definitely recommend Absolute Website Designers (Pty) Ltd . An all in one stop shop for your business needs.
Chloe Anita
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